We teach that the human body is self-healing and self-sustaining. It is our birth right to enjoy quality health for as long as we live. We show you how to do it – in plain language.


Our Purpose

To Empower People With Practical Health Knowledge

This is achieved through:

Education - providing basic information on disease prevention and;
Counselling - helping people find the answer to their health problems.


Such As Climbing Mountains at Age 60,  OR

Playing with Grand Children All Day Long,  OR

Do The Things You Want Without Physical Limitation / Disability.

You  Will  Know  The  TRUTH,  And  the TRUTH  will  set  you  FREE


WHY AM I DOING ALL THIS ? . . . . Here Is My Story........


I was dying in 1999, from profuse nosebleed, constriction & spasm of the entire gastro-intestinal system, muscle wasting & cramps, extreme chills, brain retardation, and breathlessness. Weight dropped from 165 lbs to 112 lbs (in 1999).

Went for a “merry-go-round” treatment with 24 medical doctors/specialists, plus another 12 alternative doctors. All together, I had seen at least 36 of them.

They decided to commit me to a psychiatrist, because they could not find any CAUSE that led to my rapid, life-threatening degeneration. Please click here to see the following documents:
1. List of Doctors consulted 2. Description of Symptoms 3. Letter to a Psychiatrist.

I don’t need you “Miserable Comforters” anymore. From now onwards, I will trust God to guide me to find a way out. I am going to “doctor” myself and turn the whole world upside down for information. There has to be a CAUSE for my critical condition.

Finally, after much painful research, asking, seeking, and knocking, I discovered the Cause. It was DENTAL MERCURY POISONING. Yes, the “silver fillings” that dentists use to fill up the cavities in our teeth. I had 19 of them, and they were well maintained too !!. They call it amalgam. Just ask any Chemist, and they will shudder at the word MERCURY.

Having been ‘imprisoned’ at home for  about 4 years, I am now being restored and I desire to reach out to people with the message: YOU DON’T NEED TO BE SICK. This, I have been doing since I got back on track many years ago.


A Healthy Man Has Many Wishes
A Sick Man Has Only ONE WISH. 

I wish you Peace, Health and Happiness, as you journey with me on this
road to pursue optimal wellness – mind, emotion, spirit, and body.