Detox Program



With so many sources of toxins bombarding our body system for so many years, it is little wonder that our arteries, colon, and brain are ‘clogged’ up by pollutants. Please refer to the above diagram.

The Purpose for a Personal  Detox Program may differ from person to person.
Here are a few reasons:

● Manage weight / obesity.
Height and Weight Indicator (Quick Test )
First 5 feet  +100 lbs (for Female) or,  +105 lbs (for Male).
Each additional inch, add 5 lbs.
E.g. 5’ 7” (Female)  first 100  + 35 = 135 lbs  ( ideal weight )
Waistline Indicator: Female (80 cm) or under &  Male (88 cm) or under.

● Overcome Chronic physical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, stomach disorder, foggy mind, constipation, joint pains, “heatiness”, bad breath, flu symptoms, etc.

● Increase Energy and Stamina – in order to get more things done everyday.

● Lifestyle Disease Prevention – for happiness and personal productivity, because you don’t have to be sick.


Counseling & Profiling.
We spend time asking the client about his/her background which covers areas like Stress levels, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Chemical/Heavy Metals exposures, etc., to uncover possible Causes of potential health problems. This session takes 1 ½ hours to complete.

Root  Of A  Problem
Based on the Profiling session, the suspect Causes of a health problem are narrowed down and analyzed. The first thing in tackling a health problem is to find out its source, and then, to plug it up. Stop feeding disease into the body or stop all channels of toxicity is the First Rule.

Nutritional Planning
Doctors give drugs, but we give Food. We suggest live foods to you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We help you grasp what your Cells need to eat everyday: Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Water, and Fiber. We offer you wise choices of food supplements and life juices. We help you eat wisely and practically while on the move. Eat to Live......

Colon Cleansing
All health problems begin in the digestive tract, focusing on the colon itself. This 5 foot tube is often sludged and encrusted over time. Your abdomen swells, giving out a clue of its toxic state. When the colon is not functioning well, your skin will blemish, foul smell and gas will be emitted, followed by constipation, joint pains, and other physical, mental and emotional manifestations that interfere with your well-being and happiness. The moment you start to clean your colon, you immediately feel light and easy like you used to be, many years ago.

Continual Follow-up
You will be guided on how to adjust and fine tune your new lifestyle, until you are comfortable with it. Short and rapid communication is normally done via the telephone. The key objective is to help you master the art of right living and become a “doctor” yourself. Then you can join us to help others. Isn’t that wonderful?

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