Art of Self-Defense Against Disease


We live in a very fast paced era where the health of many breaks under its enslaving weight. The speed of computers may increase a million times by the next generation, or they may become a thousand times smarter than our human brain. So the culprit is speed, speed, and speed. But let’s understand this fact: THE HUMAN FRAME WAS NEVER DESIGNED TO TAKE ON SUCH TREMENDOUS SPEED AND STRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. It will break sooner or later and our mind, emotion and body will suffer significant degeneration such as those seen in leading modern cities around the world.

The GOOD NEWS is, we can always learn to defend ourselves against a host of lifestyle diseases that threaten us day in and day out. Let me offer you the mnemonic, S-C-R-E-A-N.

1. SUNSHINE. When the sun hits your eyes, it goes through the optic nerves and awakens your nervous system in the brain. This in turn triggers the endocrine (pineal gland, thyroid, adrenals, gonads, etc) system to respond accordingly. Besides that, the sun’s chemical and thermal rays stimulate blood vessels, skin, and manufactures vitamin D in the body. Without the sun, there is no water cycle, plant food production, seasonal changes, and the whole world comes to a stand still. Diseases will spread like wild fire.

2. CHEMICAL Avoidance. Think before you eat especially if you allow your taste buds to dictate your food choices. Modern convenience and gourmet foods are laden with a rich array of COLORS, PRESERVATIVES, & FLAVORS (CPF). Go to the internet and search for Food Additives and you will be astonished at the potential harm concerning these so-called food chemicals. For example, 2 leading neuro-toxins are named here: MSG and Aspartame (artificial sugar). They can cause tremendous injury and suffering to unsuspecting regular consumers.

In line with chemicals, Heavy Metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum (although not a heavy metal) are important concerns. These elements can wreck havoc in your body system impairing gastro-intestinal organs, liver, kidneys, brain, heart and others.

3. REST. City folks just don’t go to bed early enough. As a result, many are stressed day in, day out. On top of that work related stress, relational stress, traffic jams, children’s stress, etc, all add up to a breaking point. We sleep every night, still “replaying” the stress accumulated during the day. Our body has to cope by releasing many types of stress hormones to protect itself. Adrenalin goes up. Insulin goes up. Cholesterol levels also shoot up. All these compounds are automatically produced to counter stress, together with scores of other stress hormones generated by the body. Danger lurks when these compounds are continually generated and sustained for a prolonged period of time. They are extremely toxic and pave the way for diseases such as cancerous growth, hypertension, diabetes, and mental conditions. Remember, there is only so much your body can tolerate. Above that level, it WILL break. Being “highly competitive” is never a good idea.

4. EXERCISE. Going to the gym is a quick fix. Do yourself a favor by going out to the open park where you are exposed to the agencies of nature. Face the sun (close the eyes) and deep breathe in all the nutrients; walk bare footed on the grass; smell the grass, etc. There’s no substitute like this in the man made fitness centres. Go for the type of exercises that benefit both your neurological system, as well as the cardio-vascular system. These are sports involving contra-lateral movement, such as basket ball, soccer, running, swimming, marching, and brisk walking. They all require alternating right and left movements of opposite arms and legs.

5. ATTITUDE. Have a firm Purpose in life. Refer to my article on Purpose in Life. Balance up between the Valuable and the Invaluable things in life. It is your birth right to enjoy quality health for life. Therefore, protect it by all means. Some people just relegate this right to the health experts and doctors. How ignorant of them. How sad. Adopt a positive mental attitude concerning life’s challenges and problems. Some of these statements may be useful for you when faced with disappointments:


  • “This, too, shall pass (whether good or bad)”
  • “When I wake up, it will be another day”
  • “God is in control, I just submit to His wisdom”
  • “In all things give thanks”
  • “I live one day at a time”
  • “Sufficient for today is the evil thereof”


The most toxic substance you can ever put into your body is Mental Toxicity or Negative Thoughts. “As a man thinketh, so is he”.

6. NUTRITION. Not the food pyramid that we have been taught by USDA. Following the food pyramid system will result in a lot of fat tissue in your body and high insulin burden. A normal human being was born like a “well-tuned” car. This baby thrives on mother’s milk the first 18 – 24 months, and thereafter on wholesome, natural foods. However, if the child grows up on pasteurized milk, processed & refined foods, his body will get way out of tune (diseased) over the years, and he can never get it back to tune (health) again. It’s just like pumping the wrong (low octane) fuel into your car. Just a tank full of wrong petrol, and you can see the impact. Now how about we pumping the wrong fuel into our body year after year? Remember, diseases (non-accidental cases) DO NOT happen by chance. For understanding of body nutrition, refer to article Food For Thought. Finally, drink only clean, purified water such as reverse osmosis or distilled water.




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