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When faced with influenza (or flu), fever, poisoning, the normal response of an average person is run to a doctor for deliverance. As usual, the doctor may give medication that will “take care” of the fever, pains, etc. We call that suppression of symptoms. But this is often done at the EXPENSE of your inborn IMMUNE SYSTEM, to which our health and well being is largely dependent on. Therefore, while most people prefer to MEDICATE, We want to EDUCATE, at the same time…..


1. INFLUENZA or FLU | Often brought about by chronic stress both physical, mental or emotional. Characterized by pains, fatigue, cough, headaches, fever, etc. May last for a few days to up to a week. Understand that the body is signaling to you that it can’t cope anymore and wants you to rest and take it easy. The normal way to disregard and suppress this signal is to take aspirin / panadol. Now that is dangerous and will compromise your immune system in the long term. The wholistic and healthful way is LIKE THIS:

·        Rest, rest, rest
·        swallow a clove of chopped raw garlic twice a day
·        buffered vitamin C 1,000-2,000 mg HOURLY
·        Carrot + green apple juices
·        RO or distilled water
·        Don’t have to eat if no appetite
·        Take soups, fruits, and vegetables mainly

2. FOOD POISONING | Associated with pains in abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, etc. Trace  what you may have taken before the incident. Normally some meat dishes were eaten. Fruits and vegetable foods do not normally land you in such a state. Meat dishes (especially at restaurants), are often the culprit due to its tendency to rot and decay without the customer knowing it, of course. So, this is how you TACKLE food poisoning:

·        Pro-biotic or friendly bacteria EVERY HOURLY
·        Carrot + green apple, carrot + celery (for rehydration salts) as much as you want
·        No SOLID FOOD.
·        Drink only RO/distilled water.
·        Your gastro system that is under siege for the time being needs to rest.

3. FEVER and PAINS | Only alive and kicking people can have fever and flu-like symptoms. Patients who have come to the end of all hope WILL NOT have such a symptom. The normal body temperature is from 97 to 99 degrees F. When the body is invaded by harmful microbes, or heavily toxified, etc, it will elevate its temperature to facilitate the manufacture of immune cells to DEFEND AND FIGHT. The hypothalamus in our brain does all the complicating regulation of temperature. First of all, take note of the temperature. It should be within 103 degrees F. At 104 degrees, it could ADVERSELY affect people with heart problems, and at 105/6 degrees, can cause dehydration and brain injury. Vital signs to MONITOR during a fever, include: swollen glands and rashes, diarrhea, unusual pains, vomiting, shaking and jerking. That is the time you need emergency help. In the absence of such symptoms, just take it easy and pray. Do the following for PATIENT SUPPORT:

·        Buffered vitamin C 1,0000 mg HOURLY
·        RO/distilled water, carrot + green apple/vegetable juices
·        Rest and relax
·        Don’t have to eat if no appetite

For all the ailments indicated above, you may use GOOD QUALITY spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella for NUTRIENT reinforcement. Remember, EDUCATION is often more important than MEDICATION.

Note: the time to reduce vitamin C intake is when you begin to experience loose stools, or diarrhea. Just cut it back to a comfortable level of intake.


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