Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptom Checklist


If you count more than 3 symptoms, and have been visiting doctor after doctor, then it is likely that you have a problem with mercury or some other toxic metals like lead, aluminum, etc.

Symptom Checklist :
1. Unexplained irritability
2. Constant or very frequent periods of depression
3. Numbness and tingling in the extremities
4. Frequent urination during the night
5. Unexplained chronic fatigue
6. Cold hands and feet even in moderate/warm weather
7. Bloating feeling most of the time
8. Difficulty remembering or use of memory
9. Sudden unexplained or unsolicited anger and advice
10. Constipation / diarrhea on a regular basis
11. Difficulty in even making simple decisions
12. Tremors or shakes of head, hands or feet, etc.
13. Twitching of face and other muscles
14. Experience frequent leg cramps
15. Constant or frequent ringing or noise in the ears
16. Get out of breath easily
17. Frequent or recurring heartburn
18. Excessive itching
19. Unexplained rashes, skin irritation
20. Constant or frequent metallic taste in the mouth
21. Jumpy, jittery, nervous
22. Constant death wish or suicidal intent
23. Frequent insomnia
24. Unexplained chest pains
25. Constant or frequent pain in the joints
26. Tachycardia
27. Unexplained fluid retention
28. Burning sensation on the tongue
29. Get headaches just after eating.
30. Hyper-sensitive to light, sound, smell, pain.

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