Stress Busters In Action


Tackling daily stress without incorporating the BIG PICTURE of life, is like taking medication to treat symptoms and diseases. You just don’t get to the ROOT of it. Sources of stress include: People, Vocation (work), Circumstances, and Yourself (the #1 stressor).

1. The Big Picture of Life refers simply to our PURPOSE in life.
Consider these questions:

· What am I here for?
· If I were gone tonight, how do I wish to be remembered?
· What legacy do I wish to leave to my beloved ones?
· Why do I work so very hard?

2. Write out your purpose statements in a few areas that matter most to you, such as FINANCES, FUTURE, FAMILY, FELLOWS, and don’t forget GOD (FAITH).

3. Examples of purpose statements you may write:

For Family - how do you want to instill character and moral values in your children?

For Fellows - what kind of services would you want to render to society, such as helping someone (less fortunate) stand on his feet, etc.

With regards to Faith (God) - what would you want to do with the talents God has endowed upon you?

As for your personal Future - how would you want to sharpen your vocational skills or equip yourself further?

Finally, when it comes to Finances, I think you do not need any suggestion from know better. Nonetheless, with regards to money, these timeless wisdom can be very helpful:

· “when riches increase, do not set your heart on it”
· “do not over-work to become rich”
· “it is God who gives you power to get riches”
· “life does not consist in the abundance of possession”

4. The key is to find a balance of purpose – not just earning money and preparing ourselves for the future. Almost always, unhealthy STRESS is the result of a life without a well defined purpose or unbalanced purpose. CAUTION: Stress can kill and it has killed men and women alike !!

5. Once your Purpose Statement is clarified and articulated, you will almost immediately be able to distinguish between the following: IMPORTANT versus Unimportant; URGENT versus Non-urgent matters.Please refer to the diagram above.

6. From now your daily activities are focused on the Important and Urgent matters, according to your Purpose in Life, and your Destiny. All other activities can hold, wait or be delegated, or even FORGOTTEN over time.

7. You begin to take things at your own stride and your overall STRESSORS (stress factors) are defined, managed and controlled.

8.Now you may proceed to employing various Stress Busters offered in the table below. Learn to de-stress everyday, NOT once every 6 months by going on a 3 day holiday.

9.Remember that stress busters are only “medicine” used to relieve symptoms of stress. Get to the ROOT of your stress problems with a well defined LIFE PURPOSE.


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